I know it's hard to believe, but no, this is not Honolulu Hawaii. In fact, it is our very own club in SE26! I kid you not. The occasion was music night with Cole Burns. (Coal burns, I see what you did there.) Cole Burns (Colin Hare) had successes in the 1960s with The Honeycombs hit song, "Have I the Right?" and later with Honeybus Top Ten hit, "I can't let Maggie go."
A great night had by all.

On a sadder note, we regret to announce the misfortune of our club pet mouse, Elvis, who recently passed away. He was caught in a trap.

SYDENHAM CATHOLIC CLUB celebrated our 50th Anniversary Saturday 27 October 2018, and it was a thrilling occasion. The SE26 Massive was mobilised en masse. There was a buzz in the air and a feel-good factor that only close friends and family can generate. And that's the point really. Sydenham Catholic Club is family!



Sydenham Catholic Club was established in October 1968. Its purpose was primarily to provide a friendly venue for families to meet for social gatherings. It is, of course, strongly linked to the local parish and fund raising is a major part of the club's activities. Since it was established, the club has raised more than a quarter of a million pounds, which has gone to the church and other worthwhile causes.

The building itself was once a boys school. The club was refurbished in 2000, providing a warm and welcoming environment. Today, it is the perfect place to socialise for all ages. Why not join us? You are warmly welcome!

Sydenham Catholic Club is proud of our association with the Evelina Vips charity and we are happy to announce our annual fundraiser event at the club Saturday 14 October 2017. For only £5 you will recieve a tasty buffet, plus great raffle prizes & auction to be won. Music entertainment will be provided by Ramblin' Pete which will guarantee a busy dance floor! And all this fun for a great cause. Our contines thanks to Michael Gill and family, who is the driving force behind this worthy cause. To read more about the good works of the Evelina Vips charity: Evelina London VIPs Transplant Fundraising Page

Our charity night raised £1350 for the Evelina VIPS which will go a long way to helping the children attend the transplant Games next year.  We had a great time, with music from Ramblin’ Pete the dance floor was packed. Thank you to everyone who supported this charity, you do make a difference.

Owing to the success and popularity of previous occasions, we are happy to announce our latest Bacon and Cabbage event at the club. For just £8 you will receive a tasty meal, followed by delicious apple pie and custard. Music and entertainment provided by one of our regular bands (currently to be confirmed) with dancing and raffle prizes to be won. Great value! Don't miss out! See you Wedensday 4 October 2017 from 3pm.

'We can be heroes, just for one day.' as the late great David Bowie proclaimed. Well, we have local heroes in our midst who were heroes for ten days or more, having returned from the annual Anerley Across holidays for special people pilgrimage to Lourdes. And, of course, it is a lot more than ten days when you consider all of the fund-raising, volunteering and hard work that goes in to making the 'impossible' possible. And for some, this work has continued over decades. 'We're not heroes, we're just ordinary Joe's', they protest in all humility. But these 'ordinary Joe's' do remarkable and pretty heroic things.

And we would like to thank every one who helped make this all happen. The Anerley Across fund-raiser at our Club 3 June 2017 is a recent case in point. Our community, rallying together to achieve great things. Read more about ANERLEY ACROSS.

Sydenham Catholic Club is proud of our association with Anerley Across charity and we take great delight in hosting annual fundraising events. This year's occasion was another great success and helped raise funds for the pilgrimage to Lourdes. A huge thanks to everyone who came and supported our Anerley Across benefit night by buying tickets, selling tickets, donating raffle and auction prizes, buying raffle tickets and bidding in the auction. You all helped raise a grand total of £1840 for this wonderful charity. Here are some photographs from the night: IMAGES

We welcome Fr Luke Marapillil to Sydenham Catholic Club, who presided over the Annual Mass in remembrance of deceased members of the club on 24 November 2016. We particularly remember those members who passed away this year, who included Martin Kane, Ivy Murphy, Phyllis Lock, Paddy Fehilly, Maureen Bennett, Margaret Keegan and Nora Ryan. They remain with us in mind and spirit.

Fr Luke took up the position of Parish Priest of Our Lady and St Philip Neri in June 2016, taking over from Reverend Peter Mansfield. And we welcome
Fr Luke in the role of President of  Sydenham Catholic Club and wish him a long and successful stay in our Parish.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this memorable night of fun and fund-raising at the club. We truly appreciate your attendance and generosity.

Owing to the success and popularity of previous occasions, we have had to make our Bacon & Cabbage event TICKET ONLY! These are now available from the club £7, which is great value for a tasty meal and great music entertainment provided by Gerry Kelly. Plus the raffle and the dancing! But don't delay, tickets are going fast. Don't miss out!

We would like to thank every one involved for what turned out to be a fantastic night at the club. Over £1400 was raised on the night. Well done for those who organized the event and a big thank you for those who attended and gave so generously.

There was a buzz in Sydenham Catholic Club at the weekend which cannot be replicated in the local boozer me thinks. There are so few opportunities to enjoy live music and a dance floor to express yourself! Well, Sydenham Catholic Club has both in abundance! And the icing on the cake, all this fun for a good cause - The Anerley Across Benefit Dance raising funds for the imminent trip to Lourdes.

Music was provided by the ever capable and enjoyable Ramblin' Pete who had the dance floor jiving. As well as the musical entertainment, there was a tasty buffet, a quality raffle and a profitable auction. We thank every one who provided prizes and those who made valued bids. It was a very successful night. Thanking you all once again.


There was an excellent crowd at the club celebrating Christmas Day at lunchtime Thursday 25 December 2014. Remarkably, very few were nursing hangovers and all seemed to be in healthy and high spirits. There was a happy buzz in the club and a real sense of family fun. All generations were represented in healthy measure which augurs well for the club's future. Wishing you all a happy New Year!

Sydenham Catholic Club played host to the Anerley Across charity fundraiser at the weekend Sat 7 June 2014. The club was buzzing with a sizeable crowd, in spite of the home-comfort competition from an England pre-World Cup friendly. In the end, there was little competition at all, the club won hands down! A great turn out, a great night's entertainment and all for a worthwhile cause.

Anerley Across is a charity that provides special holidays for special people. And special people they are too! Good luck to one and all who are off to Lourdes this coming Thursday 12 June. Hopefully, the fundraiser at the club will go some way to funding this latest adventure.

The night's musical entertainment was provided by Dun Do Bheal, an up beat duo with a lively, popular repertoire ranging across the decades from the 60's to the present day. A huge thumbs up from those seated and all those on the busy dance floor. Well done lads! The night was complemented with fun raffle and tasty buffet.

Thank you to all our regular patrons and the smattering of 'new bloods' who attended this fun occasion. And thanks to our hard-working staff who helped make the night such a great success.

It is with sadness that we announce the passing away of Eileen Gill. Eileen was a committee member, a regular patron of the club and a much loved character and friend. And always by her side was sure to be husband Michael. Eileen did trojan work for various charities, particularly for Evelina VIPS, the Children's Transplant Games charity. Eileen was simply irreplaceable. We miss you, but thank you for the happy memories Eileen. (2014)

We are sorry to announce that John McKelvey has decided to hang up his little black book of bands and music acts from in and around the London entertainment scene. It is a lot of work booking acts for the club and John has taken on this responsibility for longer than anyone can remember. Long before mobile phones! A big thank you John from everyone at the club for all your efforts over the years. (2014)

MADDI BLACK LIVE AT THE CLUB: Saturday 1 March 2014
Maddi Black entertained an enthusiastic audience at the club to get March's live music offerings off to a bright refreshing start. Maddi provided a rich mix of rock n roll, pop, Irish ballads and threw in the odd country & western hit for good measure. Maddi was well received in the club and when patrons weren't on the dance floor, they offered vocal support in karaoke accompaniment. After some Irish ballads, the dance floor got busy with rock n roll classics like 'Let's Twist Again' and celtic-pop favourites such as 'Walk 500 Miles'. Everyone was a Proclaimer it appeared. In short, a fabulous night had by all. You cannot beat live music and thankfully we have a great venue and great acts on our very own doorstep. Enjoy it and spread the word!

Ramblin' Pete enjoyed some downtime with friends at the club Saturday 5 Jan. And after some refreshments he entertained a lively audience, who were quick on the dance floor, enjoying a fun night and a quality repertoire of classic songs. How can you sit when Galway Girl is calling you to the dance floor? Impossible! There was a happy buzz in the club, celebrating the first Saturday of the new year. And a big crowd too. A great, great start to 2013!





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